What Is Naproxen

What is Naproxen ?” is a very common question for everyone who wants to use this drug. Naproxen can be a good choice from the NSAIDs list (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) for his therapeutic action, as a good anti inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic medicine. The next frequently asked question is “for what is Naproxen used for ?” Naproxen is used in treating pains on osteoarthritis, gout arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatic fever and other forms of rheumatic diseases, joint and muscle.

What is Naproxen daily dose for adults ?

What is Naproxen

Every patient who is searching the answer to the question “what is Naproxen ?” needs also to get informed about the correct dosage of this medicine. And this can be different, according to the disease or the symptoms of the disease you’re suffering from, other medical conditions, or treatment with other medicine. Your doctor or pharmacist is the only one who can give you the right indications about how to use correctly this drug, and what is the best Naproxen dosage for you. For treating moderate pains the indicated dose is 500 mg and if needed you can continue with 250 mg every 6 hours, without exceeding the maximum daily dose of 1250 mg per day. In treating pains in osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis the recommended dose is different, and it ranges from 500 mg to 1000 mg daily. In this case the maximum indicated dose for one day is 1500 mg. When having a treatment with Naproxen is important to know that there are a few factors that can affect the dose of this medication. For example the presence of other medical conditions in your medical history, treatment with other drugs, or the body weight. You can learn more about what is Naproxen also by reading carefully the leaflet of this medicine. Because, there are persons who shouldn’t take Naproxen, like for example those who have suffered recently by stomach diseases, intestinal ulcer, those who had allergic reactions to other anti inflammatory drugs, or patients who have in their medical history liver or renal diseases. For children the treatment with Naproxen is different, and it ranges according to their body weight. Children can have sometimes problems in swallowing the tablets, and then it is recommended using a suspension, who needs to be shaken very well before being used. It is not indicated for children under 2 years old to use this drug. Using this drug for a long period of time can increase the risk of experiencing ┬áNaproxen side effects. Sometimes those side effects can be dangerous for our health, that’s why we need to announce our doctor immediately if while we’re having our treatment we feel any unknown reactions.

To know what is Naproxen, what is the right dosage and what are the side effects that we may experience while we’re using this medicine is very important. That’s why we always need to follow the indications of our doctor. I hope you found ┬áin this article some useful information about what is Naproxen, that can help everyone who wants to use this drug.