NSAIDs For Gout Treatment

Suffering from gout can be a very big problem if we don’t receive the proper gout treatment.  Gout (that is historically known as the “disease of kings” or “rich man’s disease”) is a type of arthritis  that occurs when the body has too much uric acid. Uric acid salts, produced in large quantities due to high concentration of uric acid in the blood, it crystallizes in the form of small hard nodules, in joints, causing inflammation of hands or feet accompanied by pain. Urate deposits may occur in soft tissues as well, tendons, cartilage, muscle pockets, and kidneys. Without proper gout treatment, this disease can have very severe episodes, that can cause bad damage to joints, tendons and other tissues.

How to use NSAIDs for gout treatment ?

NSAIDs for gout treatment

NSAIDs work by blocking the COX enzyme, witch is responsable for pain, inflammation and fever. NSAIDs are a class of drugs, that includes many active substances with a varied chemical structure, but with common effects: analgesic, antipiretic, anti-inflammatory. The main priority when someone is suffering of gout is to shorten the gout attack and for that we can use NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs). The following NSAIDs for gout treatment are the first choice from NSAIDs list: Diclofenac, Ketoprofen, but the most recommended is Indocin (Indomethacin). Indocin for gout is mostly used in treating crisis of acute gout. In this case we can begin with the highest dose for 2-3 days and then decrease the dose for 2 weeks. Symptoms of gout must be absent for at least two days before stopping the treatment.

Another option can be Naproxen for gout treatment. The daily dosage in the treatment of gout with Naproxen is 750-1g. You can start with a dose of 750 mg, then this can be followed by one of 250 mg every 8 hours. But we need to be very carefully with the use of NSAIDs for gout treatment, because a regular use of NSAIDs can cause health problems such as: ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding, increased blood pressure, or strong headaches or dizziness.

Natural remedies for gout treatment

The use of NSAIDs as treatment of gout is not always the best solution due to their side effects, that’s why together with your doctor you need to choose carefully the best solution. You can also take in count some of these recommendations: avoid drinking alcohol, avoid foods rich in purines such as caviar, sardines, shellfish, meats or organ meats that are commonly used in sausages, drink at least 2 liters of water daily, and lose weight. It has been proved that this, can decrease the frequency of gout attacks. You can also use some natural treatment for gout such as: Devil Claw (has remarkable anti inflammatory effects and properties which can help you eliminating uric acid), Nettle (can be used as an infusion and helps kidney which can be compromised by the high quantities of uric acid that the body needs to eliminate) Cherries (cure with 200 g for a period of 2 weeks, it lowers the uric acid and prevents gout attacks)

Suffering from gout attacks can be very painful so I hope you found here some very useful information for gout treatment.