Naproxen Side Effects

Naproxen side effects are a very important fact that we need to take in count when we make a treatment with this drug.  Naproxen,Naproxen side effects near to Ibuprofen and Aspirin are some of the most well-known Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs. So, Naproxen belongs to the NSAIDs list, and it is used to treat inflammation and pain. It can be also used to treat osteoarthritis, tendonitis,  menstrual cramps, arthritis, muscle strains, gout as well as other pains, and it can be obtained by over the counter. Naproxen side effects is something that we can avoid, if we’re well informed about this drug, and we read carefully the leaflet.

What are the Naproxen side effects ?

Naproxen can be a good option in treating the pain, but often the doctors and pharmacists recommend to use it in lowest doses and for a short period of time. Some of the biggest risks are that if using it in long-term doses can cause kidney and heart problems, liver damages, high blood pressure as well as gastrointestinal problems like ulcers. Some of the most well-known Naproxen side effects are: nausea, diarhea, abdominal pain, constipation, fluid retention, swelling, dizziness, indigestion, nervousness, vomiting of blood, or heartburn. Also, some people have noticed some other side effects of Naproxen,  like abdominal bleeding, blurred vision, blood in urine, confussion, dry eyes, changes in heartbeat, allergic reactions, shortness of breath or painful urination. If you ever experience some of these side effects of Naproxen, you need to contact urgently your doctor or pharmacist, and they will probably recommend you a lower Naproxen dosage, or tell you to stop taking it. Anyhow, you also need to contact urgently your doctor if you experience other Naproxen side effects than the ones I’ve just described above.

How to protect us against side effects of Naproxen ?

Drinking alcohol can be a threat for us when using a treatment with Naproxen. So, in order to protect us against Naproxen side effects we need to have a very low consume of alcohol, like 3 glasses per day for example. Consuming alcohol drinks can cause liver diseases. Also is very important to read carefully the leaflet of the medicine. We need to get good information about the product, and it is good to check our medical history, because there it may exist factors that can make us more exposed to Naproxen side effects. So, if you have in your history problems of ulcers, asthma, heart conditions, kidney or liver, it is better not to take this drug. If you ever experienced allergic reactions while taking Aspirin you should not take Naproxen. It is better not to take this drug, more than 3 days to treat fever, and more than 10 days for other pains, and it’s better not to drive while making a treatment with this medicine since it can cause drowsiness or dizziness.  Naproxen should also be avoided while being on a late pregnancy and also by women who want to conceive, because using it can reduce female fertility and, it can grow the risk of malformations.

In conclusion you always need to talk with your doctor, in order to know what kind of symptoms should worry you while taking this drug, and in this way you can avoid having Naproxen side effects.