Aleve Dosage

Aleve dosage is something that you need to respect, if your doctor or pharmacist has recommended this drug to you. Aleve is an Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug, and is one of the most known from NSAIDs list. This drug is used to relive different kind of pain like, headaches, dental pain, muscle aches, arthritis or menstrual cramps. If you use it, you need to get informed about how and when to take your Aleve dosage.

What Aleve dosage should you take ?                                             daily aleve dosage

Before using this medicine is indicated to read the leaflet. In this way you will know what is the indicated dose according to your disease or age. Or you can ask your doctor about what Aleve dosage should you take. You need to take this medication 2-3 times per day with a full glass of water. You don’t need to lye down for at least 10 minutes after you take your dose. You can take this drug with milk or food to prevent stomach upset. If you don’t want to have side effects, you need to use the lowest Aleve dosage, for the shortest period of time. Don’t use Aleve for more than 10 days, and don’t exceed the recommended dosage by your doctor.

In a period of 8-10 hours do not take more than 2 tablets, and within 24 hours maximum 3 tablets. For some diseases such arthritis for example, treatment may take up to two weeks to get the best results. If you use this medicine only when you have certain pains (not on regular schedule) you need to know that pain medications have the best results only if they are used when you get the first symptoms. If you use Aleve to treat yourself or a child over 12 years old for fever, and the fever lasts for more than 3 days, you need to consult your doctor urgently.

What happens if I miss my Aleve dosage ?

If you miss your Aleve dosage, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it is time for your next dose, skip the dose you forgot to take, and take the medicine at your regular scheduled time. Do not take an extra dose if you forgot to take your usual one.

Aleve side effects

If you do a long period treatment with Aleve, you can have side effects like upset stomach, nausea, heart burn, headaches or dizziness. If you have one of these Aleve side effects, you need to consult immediately your doctor or pharmacist.  You need to know that your doctor has prescribed a certain Aleve dosage to you because he judged that the benefits are bigger than the side effects.  Most of the people who use this drug don’t have serious side effects, but if you have them, you need to tell your doctor right away and he will lower your dosage or he will tell you to stop the treatment. You should stop smoking and drinking alcohol when you take Aleve, because you may increase the risk for stomach bleeding. Using this medicine may increase your sensibility to the sun, so it will be best to avoid the sun exposure.

When you take Aleve do not stop or start taking other drugs without telling your doctor. You need to read the label of any other drugs you’re using, because many medication (Ketorolac, Ibuprofen..etc..) are similar with Aleve and if you take them together may increase the risk of having side effects.

If you care about your health you should always ask your doctor advice about Aleve dosage, and any other kind of medicine you are taking.