Advil Dosage

To know what is the optimal  Advil dosage is a very important fact when we’re having a treatment with this drug. Advil is a very well-known drug that belongs to the NSAID list (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and it is used to treat headaches pains, muscle pains, menstrual cramps or to relieve pain in arthritis.                                                                                                                              Advil dosage

What is the right Advil Dosage ?

Advil dosage is different for adults and children. Doctors recommend, that for treating inflammation, migraine or menstrual cramps, in adults case, the right dose is 400 mg, every 4 to 6 hours. For treating pains in rheumatoid arthritis you can start with 1200 mg, and you can increase or decrease the dose according on how you feel, but never exceed 2400 mg daily. It is better to take Advil after meals or with a glass of milk. In children case the Advil dosage is different and it is based on their body weight. You should contact your doctor or pharmacist in order to know the exact dose that your child needs, according to the disease or the pain he’s suffering. It is also very important, when taking this drug, to learn more about the Advil side effects. The most common are  stomach upset or heartburn. You also need to consider the interaction with other drugs (if taking others) or your medical history, because this drug  is not recommended for people with ulcer, other stomach diseases, or the ones who are allergic to any ingredients of Advil. That’s why, you always need to respect your doctor or pharmacist recommendation regarding this medicine and the right dose you need to use.

Advil Ingredients                                                                                                           Advil ingredients

To know the Advil ingredients is also very important, if you want to avoid any side effects of this drug. Currently on the market there are many types of Advil like: Advil tablets (sugar coated), Gel caplets, Liqui gels or Extra strength caplets, and each one of them has different ingredients. The  ingredients in case of Advil tablets are: Ibuprofen 200 mg, and non medicinal ingredients such as: beeswax, acetylated, monoglyceride, carnauba wax, croscarmellose sodium, corn starch, ethoxyethanol, iron oxides, lecithin, parabens, microcrystalline cellulose, pharmaceutical glaze, pharmaceutical shellac, povidone, pregelatinized starch, simethicone, sillicon dioxide, sodium benzoate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sucrose, stearic acid and titanium dioxide.

Now that you know more information about the right Advil dosage and the Advil ingredients, you can feel more protected from experiencing any side effects of this medication, but anyway you need to follow the recommendations of your doctor.